Born and raised in the vast Wisconsin country-land, Dead Fortune is a Milwaukee-based band that holds its roots in original rock, blues, soul and country music. After years of basement jam sessions, the three Lilla brothers, Luke, Ryan, and Sam combined their musical interests with bassist Max Cozzi to blend together an uncommonly smooth mixture of soulful blues and grooving rock and roll. Their debut self-titled album was released in Feburary of 2017 and received press from many Milwaukee media outlets including, WMSE 91.7, Fox 6 Real Milwaukee, and the Shepherd Express. Dead Fortune is continuing to promote the album online and through live shows throughout the Midwest and beyond. Stay tuned to hear more coming soon! 


Vocals, Guitar / Luke Lilla
Vocals, Guitar / Ryan Lilla
Drums / Sam Lilla
Bass / Max Cozzi


"It’s an unabashedly giddy, up-tempo record. Guitarist/lead vocalist Luke Lilla (one of three Lilla brothers in the group) sings in an exclamatory drawl. The bass riffs are unabashedly funky. The guitars honky-tonk all over the place. There’s some skronky tenor saxophone on the record’s catchiest track, “All Night.” The record doesn’t attempt to artificially capture the aesthetic of late ’60s rock ’n’ roll records, yet like so many of the best albums of that era, it’s swift, punchy and unpretentious."

Evan Rytlewski for Shepherd Express


"The band, composed of siblings Luke, Ryan, and Sam Lilla, as well as bassist Max Cozzi, bring their brand of well-crafted Americana to the limelight on the ten-track project, which is almost guaranteed to generate a bigger buzz for the band. There’s a healthy mix of southern rock and blues that stand out on this album, including little pieces of brilliance that can make or break songs (see the curling guitar parts on 'Get Me Out' and 'Cold Weather Blues.'"

Allen Halas for Breaking and Entering